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Wellness Services

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy (OT) support and services aim to help our guests discover equipment, techniques and strategies to maximise their ability for independent participation in everyday activities. Trial the latest in home automation and adaptive technology. Before putting expensive equipment in your own home, why not trial it at Sargood? Occupational Therapy is available as part of all packages.


Our Nurse Specialists offer education and training to guests and staff in all aspects of spinal cord injury such as: fertility; bladder management; bowel management; skin; pain management & equipment demonstrations. Our Nurse specialists are available as part of all accommodation packages.

Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiologists deliver and evaluate safe and effective exercise interventions for people who have acute, sub-acute or chronic medical conditions, injuries and disabilities.

Your exercise physiologist at Sargood on Collaroy can help you with:

  • Strength training programs in the community
  • Joint ROM (range of motion) management programs
  • Cardiovascular training

Vocational Advice

Our Specialist Vocational Consultants will help guide those who wish to explore returning to work or study, during weekly workshops. It’s a chance to find out more about what’s happening in the ‘working with a SCI’ space, look at your work history, interests and ideas, and even develop or review your CV. A follow up service is also offered once our guests have returned home.

Guest Attendants (Support Workers)

Our guest attendants have been specifically trained to support people living spinal cord injuries with such things as:

  • Personal care
  • Recreation and leisure assistance
  • Community access
  • Meal preparation and mealtime assistance
  • Shopping
  • Laundry and domestic tasks