Apr 2018: An Evening With Emma White, Author of Broken A Memoir

Enjoy an evening with Emma White, author of Broken A Memoir.

Emma White ventured from her home town of Melbourne to work in the Canadian ski fields. There she met Kev, a local ski instructor and geophysicist. After four years together, Kev was in a motorbike accident that changed both of their lives forever.

Just four and a half months after Kev became a paraplegic, he and Emma travelled to Melbourne and embarked upon a whirlwind 18,000 kilometre camping road-trip across Australia.

A paraplegic man and a young woman struggling to accept her boyfriend’s paralysis, they are joined first by Emma’s overprotective mother, then by a free-spirited British friend and eventually travel alone. At a time when many spinal injured patients remain in hospital, Kev and Emma’s relationship is put to the test until it is hanging by a thread. Together they fight to regain a future that seems lost, while facing the harsh and unforgiving landscape of the Australian outback in summer.

Written with honesty, insight and dark humour, Emma examines the dynamics of the relationship, the impact of the injury, difficulties faced learning to live in a wheelchair in a challenging country and confronting perceptions of the disabled.

Ultimately, this is a compelling love story.

‘I believe not only people experiencing spinal injuries, their family and friends will be interested in my book, but also people interested in travel and memoir. Kev and I were a typical young couple working ski seasons, and my book shows that life can change quickly and dramatically.’ Emma White

When: Saturday, 7th April 2018 from 5:00pm onwards

Cost: Free. Open to current guests and the local community

RSVP: Thursday, 5th April 2018

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Complimentary drink and nibbles on arrival

The Author

Emma White grew up in country Victoria and after completing a BA in Classics at Melbourne University travelled to Canada where she spent several years teaching snowboarding and working in ski fields in North America and New Zealand. After Kev’s accident and their trip to Australia, she returned to university in Calgary and completed a BSc in Environmental Geology. She worked as a hydrogeologist for a few years at an engineering consulting company where she got to drive ice roads and drill wells in between writing hydraulic assessments. She is currently completing a PhD in Infrastructure Engineering at The University of Melbourne which she commenced after moving back to Australia with Kev. They now live in Melbourne with twins.

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