Deluxe Studio Room Tour with Nick Taylor

Over the past couple of years I have been fortunate to be able to watch Sargood on Collaroy come to life. As an ambassador for the Sargood Foundation, I have seen the facility evolve from an idea to a reality, so it was fantastic to finally be able to set foot in the building!

I recently got my first look at the Sargood on Collaroy Deluxe Studio Room and was surprised by how spacious it was. I remember seeing the plans for the place during the early stages and construction, but you don’t really get a sense of the scale of the rooms until you’re in one – they’re huge!

I’ve done a lot of travelling through sport and work since I’ve been in a chair and I’ve always been underwhelmed by the layout of accessible rooms in hotels. I’ve noticed that the rooms often seem to overlook car parks as opposed to scenic views, and that they tend to look like accessible rooms as opposed to luxury suites.

Built right on the southern end of Collaroy Beach, the resort has amazing views of the coastline no matter where you are in the building.

Looking around the room at Sargood on Collaroy, it definitely looks luxurious before it looks accessible. Through the innovative design and configurable fitouts, the room has a luxury feel and still has everything you want in terms of accessibility.

Notable features:

  • A discreet hoist tucks away into a cupboard so it’s not always hanging above the bed.
  • The bathroom is quite spacious, giving plenty of space to move around, and is also fit out with accessible equipment that is both impressive and aesthetic.
  • The beds are electric and adjustable, which is great because you can tailor it for your own comfort!
  • The drawers and appliances were placed in a thoughtful way to ensure that just about all things are within reach for someone in a chair.
  • The high ceilings and windows invite a lot of light into the room, which really enhances the luxurious atmosphere of the accessible resort.

Not to mention the location of the facility is amazing! Built right on the southern end of Collaroy Beach, the resort has amazing views of the coastline no matter where you are in the building.

Bookings don’t open until early 2017, but I’m already planning my next getaway at Sargood on Collaroy with my wife and two sons. The resort will also offer a range of educational, sport and recreation programs and services, making it an ideal destination whether you are travelling alone or with family. Beach Access equipment will be available for guests, so we’re looking forward to spending some time on and around Collaroy Beach, and I might even try getting out in the surf again – something I haven’t done since before my accident! If you’re looking for time off the beach there’s the Paragolfer at Long Reef Golf Course, yoga and a massage room, just to name a few. The options are endless and the opportunity to participate even better!

Nick Taylor: Sargood on Collaroy Ambassador

photo of Nick Taylor Sargood on Collaroy Ambassador

In 1998, just after graduating from high school, a serious car accident left Nick paralysed from the waist down. After months of hospitals and rehab, Nick learnt to cope with the physical challenges of his new life as a paraplegic.

A native of South Africa, Nick obtained a Bachelor of Business Science in Cape Town, and spent one year on a wheelchair basketball scholarship at the University of Texas. He continued his sporting achievements in wheelchair basketball after his studies, winning a silver medal at the London Paralympics and a world championship 2 years later in Korea.

Nick currently works at Westpac and is husband to wife Sonia and father to sons Mitchell and Bailey.

Extremely passionate about helping people with spinal cord injuries regain their independence, Nick is the perfect fit for Sargood.

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